Making and Unmaking the Environment

7–9 september 2017. University of Oslo.

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10:00-11:00: Visits

Visit 1: Collapse
Guided visit to the new permanent exhibition Collapse at the Museum of Cultural History. The exhibition explores humanity’s relationship to an unpredictable nature, from the stone age to today, from Polynesia to Oslo.

Visit 2: Losæter
Guided visit to the Losæter urban farming project. Losæter is a new cultural institution on a common along Oslo’s waterfront dedicated to a range of activities related to art and urban food production.

Visit 3: Håg
Studio visit to the design department at the office chair company Håg, renowned for its sustainable design practices and long-standing collaboration with ergonomic design pioneer Peter Opsvik.

12:00-14:00: Workshops

Workshop 1: The Green Museum
A diverse group of international participants will discuss how museums incorporate cultures of sustainability. Historical and contemporary perspectives on this theme will explore museum infrastructure, operations, collection policies, exhibiting the history of green design, and relevant fields of research. Other themes will include how museums engage in environmental discourse, and whether such a thing as a 'green museum’ actually exists.
Venue: Museum of Cultural History, Lecture room

Workshop 2: Green on Screen
This workshop comprises film screenings and discussion forming an enquiry into how the entanglement between design and environment can be articulated or even mediated through the films that purport to be portraying it, be they advertising campaigns, fiction or documentary films. The participants will examine series of short video excerpts, and be invited to contribute to a plenary conversation on how different cultural perceptions of nature, design, human intervention, and environment can be encoded and narrated through the moving image medium.
Venue: The National Museum – Architecture, the Christian Norberg-Schulz Hall

15:00-16:30: Opening plenary

“Design’s Operating Environment”
Simon Sadler – University of California, Davis
Venue: Sophus Bugges hus, Auditorium 1

17:00-18:30: Parallel Session 1 (For more info about the parallel sessions, see the parallel session overview PDF

In the Public Eye
Venue: Seminar room 1

Venue: Seminar room 2

Forest Green: Ecotopian Design for Travel, Sport and Food
Venue: Seminar room 3

Shakers & Movers
Venue: Seminar room 4

Norwegian Wood
Venue: Seminar room 5

18:30-20:30: Opening reception
DHS/OUP Opening reception (Venue: Sophus Bugges hus, foyer)

Later Event: September 8
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